Official Fender Artist player since 2014

Electric Lady is a Funk / Rock Band by guitarist and singer Tereza Rays, which also includes Marek Cába (bass) and  Lucas Tricler (drums).  

Tereza Rays hostem Rytmuse

The band was founded in 2013 by the creation of the single "Storm", which came not only to Czech OCKO TV, but also to MTV. After the arrivals from New Orleans, the same year, the band won the blues competition Blues Aperitiv, and in years after then performs on Blues Alive in the Czech Republic and Poland. 


The band released the debut album "Electrical" in 2015. The base material was made in USA the 2014 on the invitation of drummer Kirk Covington. Music material was finished and released in the Czech Republic and Tereza became the official Fender artist player in the Czech Republic. In 2016, the band departed for a tour with the band Mandrage from Pilsen and got the chance to introduce themselves to Pop and Disco fans.

Still in 2016, Electric Lady performed as a pre-band to Nik West, and at that time also recorded the song "A Part Of My Heart." The song was composed by the famous musician Ivan Kral for Electric Lady.2018 Electric Lady is preparing a new album, the year is opening with an acoustic single.

Electric Lady guest of Monkey Business

Electric Lady guest of Monkey Business

Mandrage Tour 2016

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